Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminar for 2016 for Real Estate Service Professionals

Calling all licensed Philippine real estate brokers and accredited real estate agents in need of CPD Credits for license renewal for 2016-2017: Please sign up now for the following Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminar for Real Estate Service Professionals in Manila, Philippines.

These seminars are conducted by accredited PRC-accredited Real Estate Lecturers:

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) SEMINAR 2016 for Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers and Sales Persons
May 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, & 22, 2016
Earn 8 CPD credit units/day for your PRC license renewal

P1,900/full day includes seminar materials, attendance certificate, two snacks and lunch
P1,000/half day includes seminar materials, attendance certificate, one snack.
Atty. Ariel T. Martinez
Ms. Mary Daphne G. Bereciarte
Prof. Xylexferene L. De La Torre
Seminar Venue:
Vector Bldg. DotCom Drive, Northgate, Cyberzone, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City
Reserve now as seats are limited!
You can download the REGISTRATION FORM through this link:
For more information, please contact:
Doris W. Bautista, 0917-2159373
Maricar T. Sison, 0920-8107878 (for payment)
Ophie H. Wolf, +63917-8449557 (Viber)


Points of Practice: A Time For Everything in Real Estate Service

Almost three years ago,  I was preparing doing the first full-online real estate digital marketing course with Janette Toral, who mentored me and encouraged me to take finally get this project off my bucket list.

In retrospect, it was worthwhile to do for the maiden launch of the first Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry.  As a PRC-accredited lecturer for real estate training since 2012, and being seen as an initiator for digital marketing for real estate brokers, I was glad to finally find a venue to pilot something purely for my colleagues in the field, in a medium—Internet and communications technologies– that I’ve long had a passion for.  A full online course for real estate practitioners has been on my mind since 2008, after I graduated from Masters in Education in E-learning from Sheffield University.

I’m not a multi-tasker–and I find no prestige in being one should I succeed at all in becoming one.  Focus, order and attention is what I prefer, given that there’s already a lot going on in the day of a full time real estate broker.

Delegation helps for non-key tasks.  But once upon a time I wanted to do both with excellence, but that stressed me out.  I wanted to do so well that I actually froze doing other things. So for all the merits that speakership brought me–good exposure among clients and colleagues, comments for good SEO, speaking engagements, sales rally motivational talks and training invites, and token financial renumeration, I felt that I channeled my energies there in one lump. I was looking at my sales production and my team formation. I felt that quieted down. I took a vacation from the lecturing circuit. And I apologize to those who didn’t get a response from me–I truly cocooned.

The practice definitely improved (what, Maita, you weren’t active while doing your lectures? Pwede namang sabay, ‘di ba? What were these sales that you were racking up for the last X years?!?). The joy of this business is to practice according to standards and beyond that you set for yourself.

And as a probable mentor for future RESPs new to the field, at some point shortly before the course ended, I knew that my speaker’s hat would be hung for some time as I focused back on my building up again my real estate brokering activities. I was happy that I was doing this one passion of sharing my knowledge with colleagues using online training. I was on online learner for 4 years, for this formal course in MEd. And I knew the effort it would take from others to be disciplined enough to do the course consistently, and finish it, like I did. But I also hoped that colleagues who persisted would be the richest at the end in terms of lifelong learning ‘ahas’ for the course, and growth in their practice in terms of real increase in their fees and client base.

The course gained acceptance. I opened our RESP colleagues to the reality that one can truly learn thru online means.

It also gave provided a venue for real estate service practitioners and wannabees to have an overview of using  internet applications and advertising for competitive advantage.  Today, the online modules on Internet Marketing for the Real Estate Industry are free and open to the public, as I agreed with Janette.  My pilot project is done, and the task is ticked off my bucket list.  I’ve achieved what I set out to do:  To inspire fellow RESPs to not only use technology to compete ethically and well.  It’s to go into a mindset of being open to change, embracing transformation and lifelong learning as a strategy to survive and thrive in this dynamic real estate service industry.  I’m moving on to mentorship to a select few, newbie brokers who have more promise than experience on serving real estate customers well.  The rewards of mentorship of the mind outstrips monetary rewards.  But then, that’s why I believe in lifelong learning as I earn the more that I learn.  With that, as I’ve said in many of the talks that I’ve conducted, one will never age and will never go broke in this business.

Converting Your Old Philippine Property Titles to E-titles

If you or your Manila real estate customers still have the old property titles in your hands (the one using that’s manually typewritten on the regulation yellow paper with red border); and are concerned about loss, document defacement or theft in the future, it’s about time to consider converting it to the new Land Registration Authority (LRA) E-title format.

Old, original titles in the Registry of Deeds are now digitized at the request of current property owners.  While property buyers registering a new transfer of title to their name, thanks to the digitization project of the LRA,  will now have the security of a new e-Title that is tamper-proof, loss proof and destruction-proof.

Apart from helping securely reproduce another duplicate copy in case you have validly lost yours,  or having secure transfer of title to a new owner, a digitized title will minimize the risk of malicious tampering.  Remember, the title is not only a proof of land ownership.  Thanks to the electronic recording allowing for checks-and-balances, the e-Title is also a permanent, traceable public document in the Registry, almost like a journal,  for every legal, transactional or administrative event that happens in the life of a piece of real property in the Philippines.

It’s easy to convert your old, brittle title that may already be falling apart (or probably torn, especially those with titles dating back to the eighties or earlier) to a new e-Title–all for the price of a movie ticket.  Watch this video produced by the Land Registration Authority on how to do it.

Do your share as a property owner,   start converting today!

Read the rest of Converting Your Old Philippine Property Titles to E-titles »

Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review in Taguig 2015

For real estate broker aspirants looking for a  review class in the Taguig-Makati-Ortigas area, here’s one by the City of Taguig-Real Estate Board (CTREB) a constituent member of the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards (PAREB):



Please contact the CRES Committee advertised in the poster above or visit the board’s page and look for CTREB Secretariat Raquel or Ms. Diana delos Reyes.

Looking for a review class for the real estate broker’s licensure exam this May 24, 2015 in other locations around the Metro Manila area?  We mentioned some in our earlier post.


The PTR and Other Taxes for Real Estate Service Professionals

It’s that time of the year, fellow Philippine real estate service professionals,  to do your general license and registration compliance tasks.  Apart from securing your cedula (community tax receipt–some agencies still require it prior to securing other forms), renewing your NBI clearance, your ID documents,  securing your broker’s insurance bond (required for license renewal) and your PRC license as needed, you will need to pay your Professional Tax to secure your Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number.

This tax is imposed on persons engaged in the exercise or practice of their professions requiring government examination. That’s us RESPs together with doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals.   We need to pay the Professional Tax annually to the local government on or before January 31.  Just go to the nearest City Hall business taxes unit , present your PRC ID and pay the Php 300. They then issue you a PTR.  In my case, the PTR is one of the documentary requirements to renew my accreditation as a PRC lecturer for real estate training programs.

Most brokers that I ask don’t know that we need to do this.  Then again, ours is a relatively young profession under the wing of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), hence there’s a need still for a wider dissemination of information to keep us up to speed with the practice’s requirements.   What’s the benefit of paying the professional tax? Simply to be on the right side of the law.   And that’s the only reason that I could find for paying this seemingly small tax, for now.  I’ve been asking lawyer friends (and yet have to interview a local government official), to understand the rationale for it.  Just to better appreciate why I should be encouraged to pay it annually.

You may refer to of the full text of the Tax Guide for Professionals and of the Full Text of Local Government Taxation.

Comprehensive Real Estate Brokers Review Seminar in Alabang 2015

Those who may be fence-sitting about becoming licensed real estate professionals: May 2015 will be the month of the LAST REAL ESTATE BROKERS LICENSURE EXAM, for those reviewing under the 120-unit seminar format. By 2016, the broker’s licensure exams will be exclusively for those who have finished the 4-year BS Real Estate Management (REM) program.

So don’t hesitate,  go pro now!  Attend the PAREB-Muntinlupa Real Estate Board’s (MUNREB) review class beginning January 17, 2015 at the Alabang Country Club, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City. The seminar will be conducted by some of the top real estate lecturers in the industry.

Other locations for real estate brokers review seminars around Metro Manila and provinces are in the list below.

Slots are limited.  For further details on how to secure your seat, call:

President Larry Catibayan :+63917-867-6487
IPP (Immediate Past President) Ricky Santos:  +63917-819-1449
Corp. Sec. Pollen DCC +63905291-2972

The PAREB-Muntinlupa Comprehensive Real Estate Review Seminar 2015

The Muntinlupa Real Estate Board (MUNREB)  is a duly-accredited local board of the Philippine Association Real Estate Boards (PAREB).

Need to find other locations and centers for Philippine brokers comprehensive real estate seminar for 2015?  Check the following seminar and review schedules by other PAREB member boards.  We’ll be updating this list as we receive more information on review seminars:

Manila Board of Realtors(MBR) :

City of Taguig Real Estate Board (CTREB) : and

Davao Board of Realtors :

Pasay-Makati Real Estate Board (PMRB)(beginning January 10, 2015):

PAREB-Pasig Real Estate Board: —


Join the First Full-Online Digital Marketing Training Series Designed Exclusively for Philippine Real Estate Professionals

994601_754982174527843_794193167_n (1)

Tomorrow, October 3, 2013, we at in partnership with bring you a pioneering online program for continuing professional development, one  made with the Philippine real estate service practitioner (RESP)  in mind.

The Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry 12-weeks webinar series  ONLINE will  cater to RESPs  who need to respond to an increasingly global market of Philippine homebuyers & sellers  found on the Internet.

We recognize that our real estate practitioners who seek advanced continuing professional development (CPD)  are constantly on-the-go; who rarely make time to sit in class for continuing education needed for competitive advantage, but  wish to take more rigorous training for self-improvement or promotion; and who prefer to take trainings that work around their busy professional & personal schedules.

Hence it is with these needs in mind that we designed the pioneer modules for  The Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry series.  For this first batch, participants will attend scheduled, facilitator-led live webinars.  To ensure application & integration of lessons learned,  we’ve included exercises, require participants’ to present their own online marketing campaigns projects for peer review, and facilitate discussions of real-world issues & solutions on digital marketing as shared by experts & fellow practitioners.

A webinar is defined as a seminar delivered over the Internet.  This webinar series is delivered thru a specially designed e-learning platform built for live & asynchronous learning  modes.

Participants may enroll anytime during the 12 weeks.  What’s good about this is that those who miss the live webinars can access the recorded ones, as well as all seminar materials & discussions, from the e-learning archive.

As this is an online training program, registrants who submit all assignments & complete the series will be given a Certificate of Completion, which they may use to apply for  credit units for self-directed learning/lifelong learning as defined in The Revised Guidelines of the CPD Program for all Registered & Licensed Professionals (Res. No. 2013-774) Series of 2013. 

The program will be co-facilitated by two professionals passionate about technology, e-commerce & e-learning in their respective fields.

  Janette Toral is the founder of and several pioneering Philippine e-commerce sites.  Among a long and impressive list of credentials, Ms. Toral is a known social media guru in the Internet space, director of various internet and mobile marketing associations, as well as a sought-after speaker and lecturer on digital entrepreneurship, influencer marketing, blogging, social media and online PR.



Joining her is  MargaritaMaita” Herce Siquijor, a seasoned & full-time real estate broker, digital marketing practitioner and trained e-learning program facilitator & designer.  As an advocate of IT literacy and online education to help raise the real estate service professional’s global competitiveness, Ms. Siquijor has  been a speaker on Internet Marketing for RESPs in several Philippine real estate conferences and seminars.  She is a PRC-Accredited Lecturer for Real Estate Training Programs.  She is the founder of several property brokerage sites, including Architerra Manila Properties, and,  A BS Management graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, she is also the sole Filipino to graduate with a Masters in Education (MEd)  in E-learning  from Sheffield University,  a research-led university, and one of the  proponents of e-learning training & research in the UK.  Maita will be facilitating the real estate industry case studies integration, community discussions & online mentoring for projects & peer reviews.

Target Audience for Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry, Philippines:

  • Aspiring and current real estate service practitioners (licensed broker, appraiser, consultant or salesperson).
  • Real estate developers trying to build a database that services external customers and internal agents. Those who would like to build a site with a bigger database back-end meant for external customers and internal agents.

Workshop Outline:

1. Online Business Model for Real Estate Selling
Schedule: October 3, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

2. Tools and Services Every Real Estate Professional Must Know
Schedule: October 10, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Productivity tools
  • Smartphone applications
  • Virtual office tools
  • Multiple Listing Systems

3. Real Estate, E-Commerce, and Data Privacy Policies
Schedule: October 17, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Rules of engagement in advertising online in reference to the Real Estate Service Act
  • Ethics
  • E-Commerce Law
  • Data Privacy Law

4. Generating Traffic, Leads, Inquiries from Search Engine Results
Schedule: October 24, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Creating useful, visually attractive, inspiring, and engaging content.
  • Connecting with influencers and advocates online to expand your market.
  • Making online and offline marketing work for your business.

5. Educate: Creating a Website and Blog focused on Buyer Needs
Schedule: October 31, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Creating your own brand online.
  • Checklist in creating a website or blog.
  • Web design and platform for real estate service professionals.
  • Capture leads and build relationship with prospects.

6. Posting of Real Estate Listings in Forums and Directories
Schedule: November 7, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Which forum can work best for you?
  • How to post content in forums.
  • Building relationship in forums.

7. Internet Advertising – Process Flow in Marketing Online
Schedule: November 14, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Designing a campaign program
  • Create and propagate materials
  • Evaluate results

8. Customer Relationship Management
Schedule: November 21, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Communication approaches for leads, prospects, converting to customers and referrers.
  • Managing the buyer-seller transaction process.
  • Fostering long-term relationship with prospects and customers.

9. Build Relationships with Email Marketing
Schedule: November 28, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Getting permission to e-mail and minimize opt-out.
  • Making your e-mail valuable to subscribers.
  • Creating an E-Mail Marketing Campaign.

10. Social Media Marketing
Schedule: December 5, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Identifying the right social media platform
  • Building your personal and corporate profile in social media
  • Deciding what to post and how often in social media
  • Measuring social media effectiveness

11. Hiring a Virtual Assistant
Schedule: December 12, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • What services can a virtual assistant do for me?
  • Giving tasks and setting realistic expectations.

12. Getting Sellers and Helping them online
Schedule: December 19, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm)

  • Creating a Re-Seller, Referrer, Agent program on your site
  • Training sellers online and offline.
  • Helping sellers deal with prospects, close deals, and manage the sales process.

The boot camp will begin on October 3, 2013 (7 pm to 8 pm).

Fee:  Php 2,500.00 for the complete, 12-webinar series.

[This intake is now over.  In light of the suspension of approval of courses  falling under self-directed learning under the new CPD Guidelines for PRB-RES,  The Digital Marketing Course for the Real Estate Industry is now offered free at Note that said online series may not be approved as material, neither in whole nor in part, or inclusion in websites of any organization or individual with the express joint approval of the above-named authors of this online series.]

Lead Generation Key to Online Marketing Success?

For real estate professionals starting a concerted digital marketing campaign, is lead generation the key to your success?   How many leads do you need from online efforts to make a sales production worth Php 100M  a month?

lead_generation image courtesy of

A lead usually is the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a customer who is interested in a specific product or service. Before the term ‘online lead’ even became popular, we defined a SALES LEAD as simply separating the prospect from the suspect:  The suspect’s info must meet the criteria on several counts before it becomes a qualified lead.

Online lead generation is an Internet marketing term that refers to generating prospective buyer interest or inquiry into a business‘ products or services through the web.  Companies and individuals do it for list building (clients or products, in this case property listings), e-newsletter list acquisition, building out reward programs, loyalty programs or for other member acquisition programs. A person is a qualified online lead  if he:

  • Contacts you thru any of your contact methods (phone, email, private message)
  • Has the desire to buy
  • Has the capability to purchase the property or sets of properties as advertised in your site (this is a basic requirement that many new brokers and salespersons seem to miss out on qualifying, in their eagerness to log a lead with their project group leader. Capacity to purchase is a Buyer’s warranty that is written in the Deeds of Sale)
  • Can purchase the foregoing in timely manner
  • Will ultimately schedule to view the property, put a reservation deposit or pay a downpayment

Clients and listings leads are the traditional blood lines of the real estate business.  But for online efforts in this age of the Internet, you can generate even a handful of these in no time after learning even the most basic of lead generation techniques.

You can generate at least .2-.5% lead response from the population of people that you reach. That is a conservative response rate for a traditional direct marketing letter campaign.  And many internet marketers claim that online efforts surpasses this response rate, the better lead generation technique becomes.

Though companies may use SEO experts use many methods to improve this, some worth thousands of dollars,  start-up internet marketers go by the classic rule that you can increase the number of qualified online leads generated by placing  online ads in the right community or website, increasing the frequency of exposures online or having a diligent email marketing campaign to the right list.

However, in an article from the Harvard Business Review “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads”  , research showed that most companies using the internet to generate sales leads aren’t responding quickly enough to handle them to sustain their interest. The stats from this study says:

  • 7% responded to their lead within an hour, and ;
  • 16% responded within one to 24 hours;
  • 24% took more than 24 hours, and:
  • 23% of the companies never responded at all.

The average response time to an inquiry, among companies that responded within 30 days, was 42 hours. That’s an organized company marketing effort.  But for individual practitioners like yourself, how long do you take to respond to your inquiries or to follow-up a previous one?  How many leads can you follow-up daily? How many probably good leads have you lost that you’ve spent time and effort to generate? If you’ll live up to your tagline, “Real Estate SERVICE Professional”, be prepared to have a lot of patience to nurture leads, online or offline,  generated thru the Net til they’re ready to purchase with you. In another article, “The Myths of Online Real Estate Lead Generation” by, 50% of online leads do not convert into sales for 12-24 months.


So after you’ve captured a lead, now what?  How do you sustain them until they are ready to even book a viewing appointment with you? From the top of my head, these are what I  and other real estate brokers that I know have done as part of basic online marketing, and my thoughts.


  1. Email blast –“Hello friends!  Here’s a property for sale/lease/rent. . . .”  We see this opening line in many an e-mail circular.  The email may not only sound or look impersonal, but if you send it often enough it will go to spam.  Some try to change the subject line in the emails to prevent it from entering  the recipient’s SPAM folder.  But you get a sense of not only being a statistic in the mailing list (impersonal), but that the real estate agent is cramming a sale down your throat when you’re not ready.  The worst I think is not allowing clients to unsubscribe from an e-mail list at their option, no matter how hard you try.And even much, much worst is capturing the client’s interest and getting him to inquire–then you never respond, respond too late, or respond inappropriately.This happens not only of real estate professionals serving clients.  It happens when real estate brokers  who drummed up a campaign among fellow brokers fail to respond in timely fashion (forgetting that a fellow broker is a client too, who brings you a prospective hot  buyer). It happened to me.  And I bet my two cents’ worth of practice, it has happened to you.
  2. Text blast–“Hello friends and fellow associates! Here’s a property for sale in (vicinity). . . . ”  Though not necessarily a Net tool, mobile campaigns used with Net tools are the next strategic wave of internet marketing wizardry.  But coming back to basic mobile campaigns, the latter message is obviously a generic text blast.  Your daily texts can sometimes be intrusive and annoying if the assistant sends out text blasts to you even if you don’t want to receive one.  How do you make it more personalized, more integrated with your online marketing, more ethical,  and more effective in generating leads?
  3. Facebook posts/ Tweets on Twitter–  Facebook and Twitter are probably two of the most popular social media tools, out of tens of others that real estate pros have started to use for client generation and listings promotions.   They’re nteractive, sociable, personal, instantaneous online.   You can sustain real conversations here.  From personal posts, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups to customized apps.  But where can I find your listing, guy, when I need to see it again?  And what do those stats mean on your page? How do you mine the info there to further tailor-fit your FB campaign, or your entire social media plan?  And how sure are you Facebook won’t shut you down when you start creating your social media promotions on your page?  And how long can you sustain conversing with 1000 of FB friends? Do you have to, in line with real estate promotions work?
  4. Multiple Listing System (MLS) site-Complete, organized, interactive, and many times free for the member of an association that already has its own MLS.  MLS systems are mostly only for brokers listings exchange. Though some sites are also searchable by external clients, such as PAREB’s RPMLX site which has gone thru several iterations, REBAP’s broker MLS, and CREBA-NAR’s customized MLS site which is supposedly linked up with’s own site.   But mostly, though, your customers are fellow brokers who in turn are generating leads for you a hundred fold by pipelining your listing to their own clients.  If your keywords are right and the listing is properly optimized for search,  you can capture direct buyer leads as well.   If the site’s not search engine optimized for your  listing’s territory,  though, chances are that it will be just lost in a sea of multi-territory listings. How do you aid your MLS posts for greater efficiency?
  5. Personalized E-greetings–Some real estate brokers truly remember your birthday, your anniversary, or your special moments.  I’ve seen some agents diligently mark their Google calendar or the Birthday app on Facebook with all the client’s special moments, and send a scheduled reminder and e-card to the client.    This is effective for establishing yourself as the thoughtful real estate broker or service professional.  But how does it lead you into reminding them of your real estate service without looking like an overkill?

Were you expecting more techniques?  Something more fancy? Yes, there are many other ways  to use Internet-based apps and tools to nurture a real customer relationship, other than those mentioned, that can both generate and convert leads.

But for individual real estate practitioners new to  lead generation, sometimes it only takes a refining of any or all of the five methods to improve sales exponentially in a few short sittings.   For those looking for an advanced way to do lead generation, it may come down to improving efficiency and bringing down cost per lead.  You may decide to simply buy online leads from a company to off-load you with the burden of the campaign (as you feel it’s more important to face the client rather than sit at the computer), or re-hash  your sites by hiring  developers, virtual assistants and even an SEO company on a per-project basis.  But it all boils down to persistently inviting & cultivating the lead thru online means ’til they’re ready to sign on the contract.

A real estate lead is not a statistic.  It’s a real person, looking for a safe & successful solution to fill his housing need.   Using the Net apps effectively to provide that personal, empathetic connection  to care for a hundred leads a day ’til they’re ready to meet up & sign with you  is an equally vital skill for gaining internet marketing success.  Lead conversion, not lead generation alone is really the key to online marketing success.  What do you think?

Want to know more about strategies and methods for lead generation and lead conversion?  These are two of many topics tackled in our full online bootcamp made just for Philippine real estate service professionals, ” Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry” happening live on Oct. 3, 2013.  To find out about the topics, check out our brochure Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry. Or  click on this link  to sign up for a slot now!

First Online Workshop on Digital Marketing for Philippine Real Estate Industry

We are pleased to announce the first, full online & facilitator-led workshop on digital marketing tailor-fitted for Philippine real estate service professionals (RESPs).  The Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry  bootcamp aims to help arm RESPs with tools and strategies to win the virtual battle for qualified customers. Digital Marketing for the Philippine Real Estate IndustryNow you can learn digital marketing techniques, anywhere and anytime!

This 12-week webinar series (supported by 1 year membership to the site that includes weekly consultation sessions) is designed to support real estate service professionals who may need CPD Credit Units (CU) for their license renewal under Section 4.4 and 20 of the Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) Guidelines for the Continuing Professional Development Program (2013-774) for all Registered & Licensed Professionals.

Though this online offering is not yet a CPD-accredited program, it will fall under the category of self-directed learning (under online-trainings).  Individual RESPs can present their certificates of completion of this program and may apply for its accreditation for credit units (CUs) for self-directed learning under the new CPD guidelines. As learning proof will have to be provided by the Real Estate Service Professional taking this program, each lesson will have assignments and hands-on exercises.   PRC will have the discretion to assign the number of credit units for this program at the point of application.‘s founder and top e-commerce and social media trainer Janette Toral partners up once more with full-time real estate broker, accredited PRC lecturer for real estate training programs and digital marketer  Maita Siquijor of to bring you this comprehensive program.   Both seasoned practitioners, e-trainers and passionate advocates in their respective fields, Janette and Maita have expanded the design of the original in-class seminar into a full online offering.

From crafting the digital marketing plan to selection, creation, management and maintenance of customer-centric online environments for prospecting and customer relationship management;  from SEO, Social Media to the selection of virtual assistants; and  cases where you will exchange learning experiences, real-world problems & solutions in digital marketing as experienced by RESPs.  At the end of this workshop,  you will be able to launch your virtual campaigns with greater confidence & expertise.

Target Audience:

  • Aspiring and current real estate service practitioners (licensed broker, appraiser, consultant or salesperson).
  • Real estate developers trying to build a database that services external customers and internal agents. Those who would like to build a site with a bigger database back-end meant for external customers and internal agents.

Course Fee:  An introductory price of only Php 2,500 for all 12 webinars.

Inclusions: Access to the course, participation in webinars, course materials and bonus courses for jumpstarting your digital business.

To view our course outline, fill up the form below:

Contact us to inquire or call +63917-5276537.   Join now, limited slots are available!

Note:  In the interest of improving this online workshop, the organizers reserve the right to modify the schedule & topics covered herein without prior notice.  

This ground-breaking online workshop is offered by


in partnership with


Results of the March 2013 Real Estate Broker’s Exams Out

Out of 2,969 exam takers, 1,928 newly minted real estate brokers passed the PRC March 2013 Philippine real estate brokers licensure exams. The PRC exams were held in Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Lucena.  Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) graduate Jacob Tan Ng took the top spot with an 85.25% average rating. Below is how schools fared in the ranking of exam takers.

Here’s the full list of all exam passers (source: PRC Website):

Successful Examinees for March 2013 PRC Real Estate Brokers Exams

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